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8 Ways to get the best out of grocery delivery

8 Ways to get the best out of grocery delivery

Buying groceries has never been safer and more convenient. We don’t even have to leave our homes because we can order everything online and get it delivered to our doorsteps. There are ways to get the best out of grocery delivery that will make shopping for groceries even easier, and here are they:

1. Keep a list of the things you’ll need

A lot of people make shopping lists, but they often do it right before they go shopping. Keeping a running list instead is much better because you never have to worry about forgetting to buy something. When you’re about to run out on baking ingredients, condiments, and other things that you don’t need so often but need to have, put them on the list. Some shopping platforms and apps let you add items to your cart and save them until you’re ready to buy. One of the ways to get the best out of grocery delivery is to take advantage of this option and get everything ready ahead of time.

2. Use Price Matching

Some grocery delivery stores that you can find online let you use price matching. When the item you choose has a lower price at a competing store, you might get it at that price anyway. This way, you’ll pay for just one delivery service while taking advantage of many different sales.

3. Sign up for a membership

Signing up for a membership is one of the ways to get the best out of grocery delivery because you might save on fees for delivery service and get discounts. Memberships sometimes come with a certain fee, but you will still save money if you always use the same provider. Some memberships come with additional perks, as well as discounts, which makes more people sign up for them.

8 Ways to get the best out of grocery delivery4. Check for coupons

While coupons are often used in-store, you can still enter or scan them for online deliveries. Save money by looking for sales and coupons before you make your order. You could even do this before you create your meal plan or shopping list since you can incorporate those discounts into the meal plan or the list.

5. Buy in bulk

Sales and great offers are perfect for buying in bulk. You can always freeze the meat if you’re not going to use it in the next few days. There are other items that you always need and can buy in bulk, such as cereals, olive oil, flour, peanut butter, maple syrup… Basically, anything that doesn’t have a short expiration date can be bought in bulk, and it’s a great way to save money.

6. Make recurring orders

Increase your odds of bigger discounts by making recurring orders. Some grocery delivery services let you make recurring orders for items you regularly want to have in your home. This could be your favorite snack, toothbrushes, sparkling water, or anything else that you don’t ever want to run out of. Personal care and household recurring order items help you save money but make sure not to end up with a lot of expired food.

7. Make use of the Notes Section

When you use a grocery delivery platform, you’ll notice the Notes section, and this is something you should definitely make use of. Let the packers know about any specific requirements that you might have. For instance, maybe you’d like popcorns and coke if there are no chips and wine, or any other particular substitute for the item on your list in case it’s out of stock. It’s not a bad idea to also mention any allergies that your family members and you have. If you are allergic to peanuts, you want the packers to be aware of that. You can also use the Notes section to indicate how ripe you’d like your fruit to be. Maybe you need your bananas to be perfectly ripe in just a few days, or you don’t need a ripe avocado because you’ll use it at the end of the week. For example, you can add a note that you want green bananas. This is one of the ways to get the best out of grocery delivery that people often neglect, but they should make use of.

8. Check whether everything’s there and in good condition

You should inspect your order when you receive it, and you should do it right away. Check whether something is damaged or missing. Most stores will give you discounts and refunds if something is not included or isn’t up to standards. One of the important ways to get the best out of grocery delivery is to always inspect the order right away because you don’t want to find something you can’t use or end up without the most important ingredient.

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