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things to do know before going to the Maldives

Things you need to know before going to the Maldives

The Maldives, an independent Island. Why is this place so popular? It’s a beautiful tropical paradise that every kind of couple chooses the Maldives as their honeymoon destination with rooms scaffolded over the water, Each of their islands has white sandy beaches and also the clearest water you will ever experience.

Going to the Maldives during this pandemic seems impossible but in a press release, the government of Maldives decided to ease some travel restrictions, effective on April 20. 2021, for the time being, as long as you meet the following conditions

Guidelines when visiting the Maldives

  1. Travel quarantine will be lifted for all visitors going to the Maldives if 60 percent of the island population (including guesthouse/ hotel and resorts have completed their two Covid-19 vaccines acknowledged by the World Health of Organization (WHO).
  2. If the 60 percent of the island inhabitants along with the resorts/guesthouse and the hotel did not complete the two doses, the travel quarantine will NOT be required for the person going to the Maldives IF the traveler has completed the two doses acknowledged by the WHO, two weeks prior the said trip. However, there are 2 possible conditions that will apply:
    • A negative PCR test is needed if the individual is traveling from an island with a sample positivity rate of more than 5 percent.
    • A negative PCR test will be needed for chaperoning children who are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.
  1. Accomplished 14 days after the second dose or the prescribed dose of a vaccine that is acknowledged by the World Health of Organization (WHO), Emergency Use Listing (EUL) of the Maldives FDA (Food and Drug Authority), or other reliable authority of the corresponding country

Tourist (work permit holders) going to the Maldives to work in any part of Maldives mentioned below is required to submit a PCR test with the sample taken not over 96 hours before their journey to the Maldives. If the tourist is unable to fulfill this, the tourist must take the PCR test upon arriving at the Maldives.

  • Individuals working in any form of the healthcare center
  • Individuals working in any type of daycare centers
  • Individuals working in any type of educational institution
  • Individuals working in any form of a residential care center

Travel tips

Keep also in mind that before going to the Maldives, plan according to the weather. The season is warm and dry from the months of November to April while there are strong winds and rain within the month of May to October. On that note, airfare between the peak season is high so if you’re wondering if there are other cheaper airfare, then there is. Book in advance within the months of April and June where the weather is not that wet compared to the later months. A week of stay in the Maldives is great, that’s enough time for you to explore the island.

Don’t bring alcohol to the Maldives due to the risks of your alcohol being taken away from you and the possibility to be fined by the custom. And for us, who are more likely to be active online, buy your sim card in the airport, not only to post beautiful pictures on social media or blog about the beauty and wonders of the Maldives but to also avoid getting lost or in case of emergency. Yes, I’ve experienced that firsthand from one of my trips.

This might be a lot to some people but once you arrive in the Maldives, you will forget all the hassle, your worries or other negative feelings. Just keep your immune system strong, get morning sun, exercise, or at least move your body, and always drink your vitamins and lots of fluid.