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7 Tips to sell your house fast for the best price

7 Tips to sell your house fast for the best price

Selling your property can be difficult, especially when you need to do it fast. The first thing that you’ll need to do is to decide whether you want to sell it on your own or to hire an agent. Even if you opt for a real estate agent, you shouldn’t leave everything to them. Use the following tips to sell your house fast for the best price because you need your home to stand out from all the others.

1. Tidy up and remove your belongings

You surely have a lot of your belongings still in the house, and you should definitely remove anything that doesn’t have to be there. Your buyers want to imagine themselves in this home, so they shouldn’t see your family photos and travel souvenirs. People want to feel like they are walking into a house that’s ready for them, like no one ever lived there to begin with. In addition, decluttering the space will make it appear larger. Getting a storage unit could be a quick fix for all your belongings, and it will make moving easier once you sell your house. Make sure to leave it clean and organized.

2. Fix all issues

Anything broken that your buyers can see needs to be fixed, or it will lower your price. Make sure to address the issues that can’t be spotted right away too, because your buyers are going to notice them eventually. I know that fixing everything can be a big investment, but you don’t want to lose potential buyers just because of a dripping faucet, peeling paint, or stains on the carpet. This is one of the most important tips to sell your house fast for the best price.

3. Don’t hide the shortcomings of the house

Every house has its shortcomings and advantages, and while you do want to highlight the strengths, don’t hide the weaknesses. Be upfront about them, and you won’t waste anyone’s time, including yours. You don’t want to make your house seem flawless on pictures and in the description unless your buyers will get that impression upon seeing it too. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you let your buyers expect something amazing, just to leave disappointed after they visit the house. Highlight the strengths but be honest and rational.

7 Tips to sell your house fast for the best price4. Determine the right price

You also need to stay rational when determining the price of your property. This is one of the most important tips to sell your house fast for the best price because an over-priced property isn’t going to sell. If you can’t lower your price now, maybe it’s better to wait a bit with selling your home. Investing in it can get you a better price, but you need to be aware that buyers are very educated about pricing. If you want to sell your home fast, you can’t offer a high price unless your house is perfect.

5. Make professional photographs

Good photos are a crucial part of selling your home, at least if you want to sell it fast and fast for the best price. Make sure that there’s plenty of light in your house and hire a professional photographer to take the pictures if your real estate agent can’t offer this service. Tips to sell your house fast for the best price include investing in fabulous photos, both by cleaning and decorating your home and hiring a photographer.

6. Write a good listing description

Once you have incredible pictures of your home, you need equally incredible text to go with them. Whether your agent is writing the description or you are, it’s good to know what makes a good listing description. Naturally, you will need to highlight the best features of your home and use effective keywords. You should also mention things that make the neighborhood desirable, such as local parks, the school district, and similar. It’s never a bad idea to remind buyers that the sale is urgent, and you can do this by writing something like “All offers need to be submitted by June”

7. Think of all the senses

After you’ve made sure that your home is clean and that there are no fingerprints or hair that your buyers are going to notice, make your house memorable. Stage your home with thoughtful décor, fresh paint, fresh flowers, a fruit bowl, fluffed pillows… If you have good surround sound, turn on some music. Light the fireplace if you have one, or highlight any other special feature of your home. Consider the smell as well, because you want your buyers to smell scented candles and baked cookies, not two wet dogs and a stray cat. Don’t neglect the front door either because you need to stage the curb as well.

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