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4 Successful Strategies to Furnish a Small Apartment

Furnishing an apartment can be a world of hurt if we are lacking ideas, but furnishing a small apartment? Oh boy, hard does not even begin to describe it.

We have to think about several factors since if we buy too much furniture, space will look cluttered. If we do not buy enough, space will look empty and show no personality at all. The thing is, cluttering is a real problem when the flat is really small, meaning we have to be extra creative and not all of us have a designer’s eye.

We will be addressing some strategies that will help you buy the furniture that you need for a small apartment, and the trick is exactly that – buying the furniture that you NEED.

Dual-purpose furniture

This one is clearly the winner whenever we are talking about small spaces. This type of furniture was created to deal with overcrowding and the rise of small flats. The possibilities are endless.

When buying dual-purpose furniture, you need to be extra careful with the rooms you choose to invest in. For example, you can buy beds that fold into a couch, turning your bedroom into the living room. Or, even crazier, you can find nightstands that turn into chairs, or tables that turn into shelving units. As we said, the possibilities are endless, you just need to find the perfect supplier and be creative.

Now, this type of furniture can really do wonders but remember to not overcrowd your apartment, or else it will feel even smaller!

Be creative about dead spaces

When living in a small flat, there is no way around it, we need to be creative about every single corner. And the thing is, when we live in the same place for a few weeks or months, we get used to it and are unable to see all the dead spaces that are not being utilized.

The trick is stepping back and giving it a hard look from afar to see what spaces you rarely use and can be revamped. Look at walls that have nothing on them, spots that barely see any use, and think of ways to give them some utility. For example, a dual-purpose piece of furniture like a desk can go from a shelving unit into a desk, thus creating a nice little work space.

Again, creativity is key!

Go for vertical storage and floating furniture

Vertical storage is a godsend in small flats. Similar to those beds that are incorporated in the wall, it gives super extra storage for everything and it does not take up too much space.

How to pick the right furniture for your bedroom

You can even try to use this type of storage to create walls between rooms. Tall vertical shelving units are perfect for this. With some nice décor touches, these shelves can totally create a great ambiance and create new rooms, like a small office in your living room corner.

Let’s not forget the floating furniture, another staple in all small apartments. To be more specific, we are talking about floating shelves or wooden boxes that can add depth, storage and style to your rooms. I would even recommend buying these units in different sizes and create layers around the flat. The kitchen is also a perfect space to incorporate some floating furniture around. There are a ton of floating pieces that help you store your appliances and kitchenware, helping you save a ton of space.

Get rid of your clutter frequently

It is no secret that everyone accumulates clutter over time. It is unavoidable. We purchase stuff, our family and friends give us even more stuff, we stop using some items and, a few months down the road, we have a ton of useless things lying around that we do not use.

With a bigger house, people usually have a room where they store the things they do not use. However, in a small apartment, there is no space for that! Even worse, clutter in a small flat becomes a lot more evident, giving it a messy look.

Ideally, we should all try to unclutter our home every four months. Keep it tidy and with a clean look.

Final thoughts

The best tool we have at our disposal to furnish a small apartment is our creativity. Luckily, when it comes to furniture, there are a ton of options these days that can make every small space useful and beautiful. It all boils down to great planning and strategy. Hopefully, you have gathered some great ideas here to help you redecorate your home!