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How The Pandemic Heightens The Importance Of Good Hygiene?

The covid-19 pandemic has elevated the significance of practicing good personal hygiene. Disinfection, cleanliness, and maintaining social distancing help you in staying safe and healthy.

The virus spreads through direct contact with the respiratory droplets suspended in aid through coughing or sneezing of an infected person. Contaminated surfaces also cause the virus to spread from one person to another.

The awareness of people regarding their hygiene has immensely improved during the crisis. People are focusing on sanitizing and disinfecting their selves and their surroundings more than ever.

Good Hygiene Tips For Protection Against Covid-19

The coronavirus spread has made people more conscious about maintaining healthy hygiene. It helps them in staying mentally and physically healthy during these tough times.

The below-mentioned tips must be followed for a good hygiene:

Wash Your Hands

Everyone has been emphasizing the importance of washing hands since the pandemic started. It’s the most important part of maintaining a good hygiene.
You must wash your hands very often. Wash them for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.

A useful tip for washing your hands long enough is to sing the happy birthday song twice.

You must wash your hands every time you:

  • Cough or sneeze
  • Blow your nose
  • Use toilet
  • Leave or arrive back home
  • Before you cook or eat food
  • Apply lenses or makeup, etc.

If you are using a hand sanitizer, make sure that it contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Cover all the parts of your hand on both sides by rubbing them together for 20 seconds.

Wash hands for good hygiene

Avoid Touching Your Face

You must not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes as it can cause transmission of the virus.

Do Not Cough/sneeze Into Your Hands

You must cover your mouth with a tissue while coughing or sneezing. In case you don’t have a tissue, cover your mouth with your elbow. The used tissue must be disposed of instantly.

Practice Social Distancing

You must maintain a safe distance of at least 3 feet from people with covid-19 symptoms.

Keep Your House Clean

The high-touch surfaces around the house must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. This is a very effective method for practicing good hygiene and minimizing the risk of getting infected.

You must read the instructions given on the cleaning products carefully for maximum effectiveness. Wear gloves while cleaning and ensure that your house has satisfactory ventilation.

The common high touch surfaces consist of the following:

  • Doorknobs
  • Chairs and tables
  • Bathroom and kitchen surfaces
  • Handrails
  • Taps
  • Electricity switches
  • Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, remote controls, game controllers, mouse, etc.
  • Toys frequently used by your kids

Tips to Disinfect Surfaces

You must not wipe off the cleaners immediately after applying them. Some cleaners need some time to take effect.
Read the directions thoroughly so that no damage is done to sensitive items. You must apply covers on electronics that are wipeable.

Tips For Cleaning Clothes

It has not been determined so far that how long this virus can survive on fabric. But clothes containing plastic or metal elements can host the virus for a few hours or days.
You must change into washed clothes and remove your shoes immediately after entering the house.

Other helpful tips for improving your hygiene include:

  • Wash your towels, bedsheets, and clothes regularly
  • Avoid shaking the laundry as it can disperse the virus
  • Use soap, detergent, and the right amount of warm water to wash your clothing
  • Clean your hands with alcohol-containing hand rub instantly after doing your laundry
  • The laundry bag must also be washed for maximum safety
  • If you do your laundry outside, wear disposable gloves and disinfect the machines you will be using

Final Thoughts

The global pandemic has affected the mental and physical health of everyone across the globe. The virus is contagious and requires practicing exceptionally good hygiene for staying safe and healthy. You must wash your hands frequently, disinfect surfaces and keep a safe distance from others.