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Essential Home Lift Elevator Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Comfort and added convenience are a priority to most homeowners worldwide, especially those looking to buy, build or renovate their homes. On top of the list is a home lift elevator which eases mobility, promotes independence to elderly and physically challenged people, increases the home value, and enhances a modern style.

However, as you install a home lift elevator, you must always keep up maintenance to avoid malfunction and repair costs. A home lift elevator moves a lot; therefore, routine maintenance is vital to preventing safety hazards and costly repairs. Are you wondering how often you should service your elevator to give it a long life? Here are some critical home lift elevator tips you should know.

Follow the safety rules

When using a home lift elevator, you must know the safety rules. Every home lift elevator has a guidebook with properly elaborated safety rules. When you notice any unusual thing with your home lift elevator, take immediate action by informing the brand company or an experienced person to fix it.

Some of the safety precautions you should always watch include;

  • Avoiding overloading your home lift elevator
  • Keeping items away from the cabs and walls of the elevator
  • Always close the doors when in transit or at rest
  • Do not tamper with the door locks
  • Ensure that the home lift elevator has stopped before opening the doors

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Schedule regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the most efficient ways of ensuring optimal performance in all machines.  Likewise, for your home lift elevator to be in its best condition, you must maintain it regularly. Since it is a moving machine, wear and tear is a common shortcoming in a home lift elevator. Furthermore, since the lift is constantly in motion, nuts becoming lose is also very common.

These are minor but common problems that everybody can notice. When you realize any of these shortcomings,  stop using the elevator and contact your repair company immediately.

When these minor problems are diagnosed at an early stage, you avoid plunging into severe costs caused by serious mechanical damage resulting in the home lift elevator stalling.

Check emergency signals and communications equipment

Home lift elevators are fitted with mechanical sensors that detect any system glitch. Many people often disregard these signals because the elevator can still function even when showing these signals. This happens when the technical problem is minor and cannot stop the home lift elevator from functioning.

These signals detect even the slightest mechanical problems like oil leaks, warring problems, and exceeding capacity. Paying attention to these signals is very important. You inform a repair expert to come and solve the hitches immediately you notice one. The safety amenities must also be checked regularly to ensure that they are in optimal working conditions.

Educate your family members on how best to use the home lift elevator

It is imperative to educate your family members, especially your kids and regular visitors, on the best practices of using a home lift elevator. They should know that even though it is convenient to use the elevator, it can be dangerous if misused.

Furthermore, they should know the basic best practices like closing the door before starting the lift, carrying capacity, and essential controls. Everybody who uses the home lift elevator should also know the basic signals and what they mean. This is a safety precaution that all parents must take to ensure the safety of their kids.

Avoid storing things in the elevator machine room and keep it clean

The elevator machine room must, at all times, be kept clean. It should be free from dust and water. The elevator machine is entirely steel, and exposure to moisture can cause rust.

Moreover, the machine room is a void space that can tempt you to store house items there. This is a practice you must avoid because it can damage some parts of your home lift elevator. You should also inspect the room regularly to check for any breakdowns in the system or oil leaks.

Oil leaks are very common in home lift elevators because nearly all parts in the lift are moving and require constant lubrication. The wear and tear can damage the oil seals, especially around the sump pump.


A home lift elevator is a must-have for homeowners looking to enhance convenience and modernize their homes. To ensure that the elevator works optimally and avoids accidents, you must regularly maintain the elevator. This is the cheapest way of keeping your elevator working and your family safe.